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Paddleboarding is an awesome activity for all ages and abilities. Equipped with a wetsuit, board and – you guessed it – an oar to paddle with, you’ll be out on the sea or lakes in no time. For first timers, you’ll be surprised how quickly you will get the basics down.

Traditional paddleboarding sees you in a lying or kneeling position, with stand-up Paddleboarding becoming more popular in recent times. A small rudder under the board helps keep you in control of your board, as you explore the waters from new and breath-taking angles.

Keep in mind that you will probably fall off at some point, but that’s part of the fun - don’t worry, your board is attached to an ankle strap, so it won’t go far. A great core and full body workout, paddleboarding is a great option for people of all skills and ages on their next adventure.

Make sure to enquire about paddleboarding as one of your activities at any of our destinations.

Available in the UK and Croatia.

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