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White water rafting is a great way to enjoy the scenery as well get the adrenaline going! Working as a team is crucial here, so get ready to share some laughs on this thrilling bonding experience.

Your boat will have one of our experienced local guides, who will navigate and tell the paddlers when they need to paddle. We welcome groups of all abilities, so don’t worry if you are new to all of this.

As you might expect, you’ll probably end up in the water at some point, but that’s part of the fun!

As an added bonus, white-water rafting lets you see parts of nature that people won’t see otherwise, offering unique views of the valley that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

All equipment and transport are provided for you, so bring your swimwear and get ready for a paddle downstream you’ll never forget! Enquire today.

Family Activity Package - this can be suitable for all ages from the age of 8 years old.

Available in Chamonix and Omis. Allow Approx. 3 hours. Suitable for ages 10 years and above.

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